What is stereo?

There are now two system of high fidelity, monophonic (monaural) and stereophonic. Monophonic is a system that starts from one microphone and is fed through a single high fidelity set. Stereophonic is a double system. Two separate microphones are placed at different sides of the orchestra and two different systems are used to keep the two signals or channels separated. Two separate speakers are used, placed on different sides of you room. Stereo is much like 3-D photography, two slightly different sound reach your ears giving you a new dimension in sound.

H.H. Scott '59

GOLDENOTE "Bellavista Signature" turntable

GOLDENOTE® is a range of products of prestigious and sophisticated Italian design featuring unique and innovative technical and aesthetic characteristics. The Bellavista Signature is the top class turntable of the rigid series. The turntable is carefully made of parts exclusively manufactured for Goldenote with the highest standards and quality materials to reach a superior sonic performance.
The turntable features a double 20mm thick black acrylic plinth decoupled with six bronze spacers cylinders. The turntable also features a 20mm thick platter made of solid black polyvinyl. Underneath the platter there are 9 gold plated weights to increase the peripheral mass of the platter. As such, the rotation stability is improved. The Bellavista Signature also employs a high precision aluminium pulley to guarantee perfect speed capability.
The innovative platter bearing/spindle system, much larger and longer than the usual ones, is based on a bronze external threaded bearing that ensures perfect on axis alignment. Both are electronically machined and polished to tolerances smaller than 1/100 of a millimeter, to achieve exceptional sound performance. Also, at the bottom of the platter bronze bearing a special threaded bearing made of Arnite© (one of the hardest and toughest self lubricant plastic polymers) allows for a smoother turntable rotation and eventually a VTA adjustment normally available only through the tone arm setting.
Construction features
- The BELLAVISTA is rigid turntable that, like all the turntables of the Goldenote line, uses a plinth made in black highdensity polished acrylic obtained via “polymeric melting The black plinth has 3 aluminium height-adjustable feet with a semi-conical shape featuring central grooves to ensure greater insensitivity to vibrations. Each foot has a recessed spike may be used to couple rigidly the turntable on its shelf.
- The turntable platter is in “extruded” polyvinyl, an ideal very deaf dampening material. Below the platter are 9 goldplated brass weights, which increase the peripheral inertia of the platter and thus further improve the rotational regularity and stability.
- The spindle is 80mm long made with C40 steel rectified & polished to achieve super high-level tolerances. A large longitudinal groove is located on its axis, which allows the lubricating oil to run in constant manner.
- The longer spindle eradicates any pendulum effect and distributes the inertial energy along its entire axis, completely annulling any type of lateral friction.
- When the turntable is new the spindle will tend to “clean” any residual dirt in the bearing. In this way even the tiniest residual friction built up after only a few dozen hours operation will be completely eliminated.
- The bearing that houses the spindle is made entirely in bronze and has a thrust washer made of ARNITE® located on the bottom that allows for:
- Perfect coupling.
- Adjustment of the VTA carried out directly on the turntable plinths.
- The possibility of eliminating virtually every type of friction that could build up during the years with conventional bearing/spindles.
- Moreover, the bearing is threaded on the outside in order to be tightly anchored to the board of the turntable on its own axis. The bearing is locked onto a brass ring support specially designed to obtain a perfect flat coupling.,
- The clamp that is made of aluminium alloy chosen for its excellent sound performance.
- The motor, which is AC (synchronous) 24 pole with an extremely high coupling coefficient and very low noise, is moved by a custom made capacitor. The performs the innovative HDM (Highly Dampened Motor) system to drastically reduce vibrations
- The pulley is enable fast 33/45 manual convenient switch 

"Bellavista Signature is the top Goldenote turntable. It has a not decoupled chassis, made from two, 20mm plates of black acryl, separated by six brass, chrome plated, distances. As written in the company materials, the rounded edges of the plinth are not just a decorative move, but increase its rigidity. The platter is exceptional. It is made from a material called Sustarin, which is based on polyvinyl. Its upper part is covered with grooves, and is quite hard, similar to SME turntables. The platter is not so heavy, as it is only 22mm thick, but nine brass, chrome plated, or gold plated, weights are mounted beneath, exactly like in Michell Engineering turntables, what improves on inertia, while not adding unnecessary mass. The latter is a good thing, but some companies claim, that when a platter is too heavy, then it cumulates energy, and releases it later as vibration. The synchronous motor is mounted on the same chassis. On its axis we have an aluminum pulley, in the patented shape Tulipan – the sides are cut, and there is a bolt in the middle, which extends or contracts the sides of the pulley. This way the revolutions can be controlled in a very precise way. The torque is transmitted by a large, rubber belt. The power switch is in the front, on the lower plinth. However, there is no automatic rpm change, what is a big miss in a turntable of this class. There is a heavy clamp to attach the disc to the platter. On the top plinth the bearing is mounted – as written in the company materials – this is an innovative construction, with a much longer and thicker shaft, working in a bed mad from hardened bronze. This is called Split-Spindle, and has to provide perfect fit and lack of hammering. Fitting is also assured by very precise machine working, including polishing, what allows for a lower tolerance than 1/100mm. This steel element – the spindle and mini-subplatter – connects very well with the main platter. Let’s add, that on the bottom of the bed we have a special material called Arnite – one of the hardest, most rigid, self-lubricating polymer."

Wow and Flutter:  0,03%
Rumble:  -80 dB
Speed: 33  and 45 rpm ±0,1%
Speed Changing:  manual
Transmission:  70 shores elasticity rectified black polyvinyl belt
Motor:  24 poles on double rail synchronous AC powered
Platter:  Sustarin®
Platter Spindle:  Special Split-Spindle clamping the platter
Platter Bearing:  Finely polished bronze made
Mains Supply:  100/115/230V, 50/60 Hz, (depending on market destination and not convertible)
Power Consumption:  5 W
Motor:  12V Synchronous Motor High Torque externally powered
External AC Filter:  Lucca Power Distributor
Other:  Gold Note Lucca power chord
Dimensions (W x H x D):   470 x 180 x 360 mm
Weight:   12 kg
Main Plinth:  Black polished acrylic
Metal Parts:  Silver
Platter:  Black and chrome

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