What is stereo?

There are now two system of high fidelity, monophonic (monaural) and stereophonic. Monophonic is a system that starts from one microphone and is fed through a single high fidelity set. Stereophonic is a double system. Two separate microphones are placed at different sides of the orchestra and two different systems are used to keep the two signals or channels separated. Two separate speakers are used, placed on different sides of you room. Stereo is much like 3-D photography, two slightly different sound reach your ears giving you a new dimension in sound.

H.H. Scott '59

Technics SL-P333

 Programmable Compact Disc Player SL-P333 Features:
Optical digital output built-in. Preserves signal purity by sending digital signals directly to a DAC equipped amp.
High Speed Access System
Shuttle search dial. Easy, precise search operation at up to 76 times normal speed.
Cueing search. From pause mode, search gives 0,2 second repeat at the point where the dial is released. Allows pin-point access while checking music at current lacation.
Random Play
Auto cue
20-selection random access programming
31-key full remote control. Including; volume, disc drawer open/close.

Signal Format:
Sampling Frequency :  44,1 kHz
D/A Conversion :  16-bit linear
Pickup Wavelength:  780 nm
Frequency Response:  2 Hz - 20 kHz ±0,5 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:  96 dB
Dynamic Range:  96 dB
Total Harmonic Distortion:  0,005%
Wow and Flutter:  below measurable limit
Output Voltage/Impedance:  2,0 V/600 Ω
Headphone Output:  15 mW
Power Supply:  110/127 V, 220/240 V 50/60 Hz
Power Consumption:  11 W
Dimensions (W x H x D):  430 x 92 x 278 mm
Weight:  3,6 kg

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