What is stereo?

There are now two system of high fidelity, monophonic (monaural) and stereophonic. Monophonic is a system that starts from one microphone and is fed through a single high fidelity set. Stereophonic is a double system. Two separate microphones are placed at different sides of the orchestra and two different systems are used to keep the two signals or channels separated. Two separate speakers are used, placed on different sides of you room. Stereo is much like 3-D photography, two slightly different sound reach your ears giving you a new dimension in sound.

H.H. Scott '59

Creek 4040s2

The deceptively simple exterior design of the 40 series conceals thoroughbred circuitry, which has been skilfully developed over the last few years by Creek engineers to give the highest possible performance for the least possible number of components. The purpose of this is to eliminate all unnecessary complication, giving a reproduction of sound with as little distortion of the signal as possible, or in other words, resulting in an output signal which is virtually identical to the original.

For those occasions when the original signal is imperfect, the 4040s2 is equipped with tone

The 4040s2 packs a punch. In its latest form it is capable of 40 W into 8 Ohm one channel driven, and will hold up well into more difficult loads. The build quality of the Series 2 is the highest yet. Low leakage electrolytics, polystyrene, and metallized stacked film capacitors are used in its signal paths. 20 Amp power transistors are clamped to a large finned heatsink that protrudes from the back panel, giving better dissipation for the increased power of the amp. The output circuitry is equipped with full over-voltage and current protection circuitry, making it virtually immune from outside abuse.

Power Output
Nominal Stereo:   35 watts (15,4 dBW)
One Channel at 8 Ω :  16 dBW at 20 Hz; 16,1 dBW at 1 kHz; 16 dBW at 20 kHz
Both Channel at 4 Ω :   12 dBW at 20 Hz; 13,1 dBW at 1 kHz; 13 dBW at 20 kHz
Instantaneous Peak Current =  11 Amps
Protected by current and voltage limiting in power amp.
T.H.D. at rated power:   -50 dB at 20 Hz; -68 dB at 1 kHz; -66 dB at 20 kHz
Intermodulation Distortion 19/20 kHz Rated Power
AUX input :  -75 dB
Noise :
Disc  MM (IHF, CCIR weighted):  -76 dB
Tuner/CD (IHF, CCIR weighted):  -79 dB
Residual Unweighted , Vol. At min. :  -80 dB
Separation (Input at 1 kHz): 
Disc : - 50 dB
CD :  -60 dB
Output Impedance (measured at 1 kHz): 0,15 Ω
Tone Controls:  range at 20 Hz and 20 kHz  ±10 dB
Inputs Sensitivity/Loading:
Disc MM:  2 mV / 47 K, 60 pf
Tuner/Tape :  250 mV / 35 K, 25 pf
CD :  600 mV / 22 K, 25 pf
Output From  Tape :  10 Vmax / 1 K
Disc EQ Error:  20 Hz - 20 kHz ±0,5 dB
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 420 x 64 x 220 mm
Weight:  4 kg

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