What is stereo?

There are now two system of high fidelity, monophonic (monaural) and stereophonic. Monophonic is a system that starts from one microphone and is fed through a single high fidelity set. Stereophonic is a double system. Two separate microphones are placed at different sides of the orchestra and two different systems are used to keep the two signals or channels separated. Two separate speakers are used, placed on different sides of you room. Stereo is much like 3-D photography, two slightly different sound reach your ears giving you a new dimension in sound.

H.H. Scott '59


Bowers & Wilkinson DM2 Mk2
Stand-mount loudspeaker system
Product Summary
The DM2 MK2 is a three-driver loudspeaker system of 47 litres capacity. It is a free-standing design, for use with B&W purpose-made accessories but will also incorporate well into existing furniture.
The DM2 MK2 offers a wide horizontal dispersion and excellent vertical dispersion within a listening window of approximately 10° in the vertical plane and 40° in the horizontal.
To take maximum advantage of this of this important design feature, the loudspeaker must be mounted vertically and located at the correct listening height or angled slightly to project the
window in an upward direction.
The pedestal stand or angled plinth caters for these two alternatives. Technical highlights
The bass driver is housed in a critically vented enclosure and has a crossover point of 400 Hz where the vent tuning is so designed to extend the low frequency half point to 45Hz.
The mid band frequencies are handled by a 100mm unit housed in a separate enclosure – critically damped with long-haired natural wool.
Frequencies above 3kHz are handled by a 25mm multi-filament weave polyester dome unit, critically damped with PVA compounds

Drive Units
High-frequency driver: a 25mm multifilament weave polyester dome unit, critically damped with PVA compounds
Mid-range driver: a 100mm unit housed in a critically vented enclosure
Bass Driver: housed in a critcally vented enclosure
Frequency Response:  50 Hz – 18 kHz ± 3dB, at centre of listening window
Sensitivity: 9 volts into 8 ohms = 85 dB at 1m
Power Handling: 25 W – 200 W
Dimensions (H x W x D):  710 x 270 x 330 mm

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