What is stereo?

There are now two system of high fidelity, monophonic (monaural) and stereophonic. Monophonic is a system that starts from one microphone and is fed through a single high fidelity set. Stereophonic is a double system. Two separate microphones are placed at different sides of the orchestra and two different systems are used to keep the two signals or channels separated. Two separate speakers are used, placed on different sides of you room. Stereo is much like 3-D photography, two slightly different sound reach your ears giving you a new dimension in sound.

H.H. Scott '59

Bose Model 802 loudspeaker

Model 802 Loudspeaker System
The Bose Model 802 represents the most significant advance in professional loudspeaker systems since Bose first introduced its revolutionary Model 800. incorporating a number of major departures from traditional loudspeaker design, the 800 series has since become the standard among professionals who demand systems which produce the cleanest, most natural sound.
The Model 802 utilizes a multiple array of matched, full-range drivers. Their close acoustical coupling results in a smoothing and broadening of individual driver resonances, producing an unusually transparent and detailed sound. The full-range driver concept also eliminates the need for a crossover, thereby eliminating crossover coloration and yielding a sound which has exceptional clarity and realism.
In each Model 802 enclosure, the eight drivers are mounted on four separate facets for smooth dispersion. Dual reactive air columns greatly increase the bass output, while lowering distortion by reducing cone excursion at low frequencies. A unique impedance control circuit, internal to the cabinet, lowers the high-frequency power requirements by reducing the slope of the impedance - versus - frequency curve.

Excellent transient response is achieved though the use of relatively light cones powered by massive magnetic structures. The smooth frequency response and excellent spatial properties of the multiple-driver design also permit performers to work very close to the speakers without causing feedback problems.
Each driver incorporates an edge-wound, aluminum ribbon voice coil for exceptional efficiency and power-handling capacity.efficiency is further enhanced though the use of a 12-ounce ceramic magnet and a reinforced polymer frame, which reduces magnetic flux leakage.
Matched equalization not incorporated into other professional loudspeaker systems, is tailored to the acoustics of the Model 802 and assures full frequency range performance. The new Model 802-E active equalizer provides extremely detailed equalization for smooth, wide response. Phone jacks and XLR connectors allow a choice of unbalanced or balanced inputs. The 802-E's output circuit will drive high-impedance or 600 Ω lines.

Braun TG 1000 open-reel deck

The TG 1000 operates in any position, it has a space for a fourth head in its plug-in head assembly. The additional head can be used as 4-track play back head or be used for slide synchronizing. There is a remote control unit TGF3 available for all functions. All US-plugs. All headphones with impedances from 5 - 2000 ohms can be driven to full volume. Sound on sound; echo; tape monitoring are provided. The counter has 4 digits, and the unique new TB 1022 low noise, high output tape eliminates the need for 10,5" reels. The TG 1000 holds 3300 ft of tape om its 8-3/4" reels. The tape drive with the electronic tension control is so gentle and foolproof that even triple play tape may be used. The built in cable driver and the wide dynamic range input circuitry permit flexibility at the interfaces to amplifiers and microphones. The level meters are peak reading for fast response. The robust construction is very compact and fully modular. All circuitry is silicon solid state.

3 motors (one brushless DC-servo motor, 2 AC-servo motors)
3 speeds: 7-1/2; 3-3/4; 1-7/8
2 track or 4 track
3 or 4 professional heads (chevron-technique in 2 track version)
Electronic tape tension control on both reels
Electro-mechanical brakes for fast smooth action
Pre-adjusted plug-in head assembly
Modular construction and all silicon circuitry
All functions relay controlled and solenoid actuated
Noisefree "pause" button for tape editing
Built-in tape solicer, 4 (2) input mixer, 4-digit counter
Feather-touch push-buttons, fully fool proof
Multiplay and "off the tape" monitoring
Built-in cable driver (1 volt, 600 ohms)
Slide synchronizer (optional0 and adjustable head phone outputdrive and brake system allows use of triple play tape.
Operation in any position
Optional remote control unit for all functions

Frequency Response (minimum DIN 45511)
20 - 25,000 Hz at 7-1/2 lps ±2,5 dB
20 - 15,000 Hz at 3-3/4 ips ±2,5 dB
20 - 8,000 Hz at 1-7/8 ips ±2,5 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio two track, DIN 45505)
60 dB at 7-1/2
60 dB at 3-3/4
57 dB at 1/7/8
Distortion at "0" dB (DIN 45405) VU-meter reading:
0,6% at 7-1/2
0,7% at 3-3/4
0,8% at 1-7/8
Wow and flutter 9din 45507)
Less than 0,05% at 7-1/2
Less than 0,09% at 3-3/4
Less than 0,25% at 1-7/8
Rewind time:  90 sec for 3300 ft
Dimensions :  17,7" x 12,6" x 5,3"
Weight:  44 lbs

Braun PS 600 turntable

Turntable Features
Motor - new electronically-controlled brushless DC motor with Hall commutator
Power transmission - direct rumble-free friction drive
Platter - dynamically balanced platter of 11-3/4" diameter and 5,5 lbs (2,5 kg) weight with rimmed record mat
Speed selector - 33-1/3, 45, 78 rpm
Mode selctor - 4 push buttons
Poitch control - ±3,5% of nominal speed
Stroboscope - illuminated strobe for all three speeds
Cueing control - hydraulically-damped, activated by lever, the smoothest in industry
Suspension - hydraulic suspension with very low resonance frequency for optimum resistance to shock and acoustic feed-back
10-record changer mechanism
Tonearm features
Construction - warp-free aluminum tubing with elastically-coupled counter weight
Bearings - precision instrument ball bearings for vertical and horizontal support
Balancing - tone arm balanced all three planes
Tracking force - adjustable from 0-4 grams by calibrated spring
Tone arm - resonance frequency less than 10 Hz
Antiskating control - separate calibraated dial for compensation of skating force
Tone arm length - 8-3/4" effective length
Tracking error horizontal - 0,2° maximum/cm tracking radiu
Caartridge shell - interchangeable with 4 pin precision quick connector. Suited for all 1/2" cartridges. Overhang adjustable.
Tracking angle Vertical - switch for error compensation on cartridge shell for single play or in changer use.

Rumble :  65 dB or better
Wow and Flutter:  0,07% or better
Semiconductors:  9 Transistors; 8 Diode;
Power Requirement:  117/220 V AC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D): 430 x 195 x 320 mm
Weight:  11,7 kg

Thiel CS.5 speakers

The CS.5 is a Two-way ported, floor-standing loudspeaker offering high performance in a compact, easy-to-place cabinet and at an entry-level price. Completely time and phase coherent, the CS.5 provides a dimension of clarity and realism that conventional speakers in its price class cannot achieve, making it ideal for both music and video sound.
The CS.5 incorporates many of the same design techniques used in other Thiel, speakers to achieve our goal of accurate musical reproduction in all areas of performance. The drivers are positioned along a sloping front baffle for correct time alignment, and the crossover is designed to provide phase accurate transitions between the drivers. These two design features alone result in an unusually high level of spatial and transient fidelity for a speaker of this price. A specially shaped grillboard decreases diffraction for more open sound, and the heavy cabinet construction reduces unwanted vibration to improve clarity and imaging.

Quality construction and materials.
The CS.5 uses the same quality materials as the more expensive Thiel models - a die cast magnesium woofer chassis, polypropylene or polystyrene capacitors, and rigid 1-inch thick cabinet walls.
The 1-inch metal dome tweeter uses a large magnet, vented pole, and reinforced rear chamber to allow a low resonance frequency and a wide bandwidth. The result is high frequency reproduction of great clarity and realism.
The Thiel-designed 6,5-inch, treated paper cone woofer incorporates the same short coil/long gap motor design as other Thiel woofers for low distortion, very good midrange performance, and clean bass response. The woofer is magnetically shielded to prevent video image distortion.
Recommended Power Amplifier:  30 - 150 watts
Driver Complement:
Woofer ;  6,5 " (5" radiating area) with treated paper cone, cast frame, 1" diameter voice coil. Underhung coil (short coil/ long gap) motor system. Linear travel 1,4" pk-pk. Two magnets with total weight of 1,4 lb. Copper pole sleeve
Tweeter :  1" aluminum dome with short coil, ferrofluid, vented pole to rear chamber, reinforced chamber cup.
Bandwidth:  55 Hz - 20 kHz (-3 dB)
Amplitude Response:  55 Hz - 20 kHz ±3 dB
Phase Response:  ±10° minimum
Sensitivity:  87 dB at 2,8 V/ 1m
Impedance:  4 Ω, (3,2 Ω minimum)
Dimensions (W x H x D):  8" x 31" x 11"
Weight:  35 pounds