What is stereo?

There are now two system of high fidelity, monophonic (monaural) and stereophonic. Monophonic is a system that starts from one microphone and is fed through a single high fidelity set. Stereophonic is a double system. Two separate microphones are placed at different sides of the orchestra and two different systems are used to keep the two signals or channels separated. Two separate speakers are used, placed on different sides of you room. Stereo is much like 3-D photography, two slightly different sound reach your ears giving you a new dimension in sound.

H.H. Scott '59

Luxman R-1120

Luxman Ultimate High Fidelity Stereo Component Model R-1120 AM/FM Stereo Tuner-Amplifier
The long awaited advent of super-powered "tuner-amplifier" from Luxman
Giant power output 120 W minimum continuous per channel into 8 ohms loads, 20-20,000 Hz both channel driven with no more than 0,03% total harmonic distortion.
Truly useful equally eye-catching LED peak indicators allow easy reading of instanteneous output power level.
3 pairs of speaker terminals, one of which is specially designed for exclusive use with such low-impedance loudspeakers as electrostatic loudspeaker which have been gaining remarkable popularity among discerning audiophiles.

Audio Section
The pre-amp section employs an equalizer amp composed of a 3-stage direct-coupled flat amp of PNp and NPN transistors, a buffer circuit of NPN transistors, and a control amp composed of a 2-stage direct-coupled circuit with PNP transistors. Throughout the entire circuitry, specially selected low-noise transistors are featured, and a constant voltage supply circuit at the power supply section ensures stable  performance. Special circuitry is provided to obtain a large amount of gain at each stage, and the large amounts of Negative feedback applied realize ultra low distortion and wide bandwidth.
In the main amp section, a differential amp features a low-noise pair of transistors of uniform characteristics, which suppresses the DC drift to the minimum level. A constant current drive system is arranged at the loads of pre-driver stage, which not only improves the load condition in the treble but realizes stable, undistorted power output.
To prevent accidental failure, a power limiter circuit to protect power transistors from excessive current, and a time-delay muting circuit to safeguard speaker system from DC droft are incorporated.
An exclusive terminal is provided for operation of such speakers as electrostatic ones which have extreme, low impedance at the ultra bass range. Furthermore, the LED peak indicator is provided with an on-off switch and its sensitivity is interchangeable betwen 0 dB and -12 dB.

FM Section
Our exclusive "Closed Loop Lock Tuning System" is featured not only to reduce remarkably the amount of frequency drift at the local oscillator, but to lock the receiving frequency accurately at the transmission frequency of an FM station.
Unlike conventional AFC circuitry, the frequency lock is limited to ±100 kHz to prevent the receiving frequency from merging into that of the adjacent channel.
A superb 1,8 µV sensitivity is attained thanks to a quality 4-gang tuning capacitor at the front end, which interacts with the dual gate MOS FET to, ensure good overload and spurious characteristics,
Excellent band pass response is obtained by means of linear phase ceramic and block filters, which ae superb in group delay time characteristics and sharp skirt selectivity. Good limiting and low distortion are attained by means of a quadrature IC and distortion free discriminator transformer.
We employed a specially selected PLL MPX IC to obtain stable operation and ultra low distortion as well as good separation and Signal-to-Noise ratio.  In addition, an exclusive IC low-pass filter helps suppress carrier leakage. Moreover a constant voltage supply circuit is used for stable performance. Dolbyized FM can be received with the insertion of an optional Dolby circuit board.

AM Section
Pleasant reception of AM broadcasting is ensured thanks to modern technology utilizing a powerful AGC circuit, a ceramic filter of high selectivity, and distortion-free detector, etc.

Audio Section
Power Output:  120 watts minimum continuous per channel both channels driven into 8 ohms load, from 20 to 20,000 Hz with no more than 0,03% Total Harmonic Distortion
Rated Intermodulation:  no more than 0,03% (8 Ω, both channel driven, 60 Hz : 7 kHz = 4 : 1)
Frequency Response:  15 Hz - 70 kHz (-1 dB)
Input Sensitivity: 
Phono 1, 2 :  2,6 mV
Aux, Tuner, Monitor :  160 mV
Phono Overload Voltage (at 1 kHz):  160 mV
Signal-to-Noise Ratio:
Phono 1, 2 :  72 dB
Phono 1, 2 :  94 dB (IHF A weighted, 10 mV)
Aux, Tuner, Monitor :  88 dB
Aux, Tuner, Monitor :  95 dB  (IHF A weighted)
Residual Noise:  no more than 1,3 mV
Crosstalk at 1 kHz:  -73 dB (Aux, Monitor)
Tone Control
Treble :  2 kHz, 10 kHz (±3 dB);  4 kHz, 10 kHz (±8 dB)
Bass :  200 Hz, 100 Hz (±6 dB);  400 Hz, 100 Hz, (±11 dB)
Subsonic :  15 Hz (-12 dB/oct)
Low Cut :  70 Hz (-12 dB/oct)
High Cut :  7 kHz (-12 dB/oct)
Loudness Control (VR: -30 dB):  100 Hz (+10 dB);  10 kHz (+7 dB)
Peak Indicators:  0, -6, -9, -12, -15, -18 dB
Additional Features:  Loudness Control, Peak indicators, Speaker Switch, Headphone Jack, Tape Dubbing Switch, etc.
FM Section
IHF Usable Sensitivity (at 98 MHz, 400 Hz, 100% mod.):
Mono :  10,3 dBf (1,8 µV)
Stereo :  17,2 dBf (4,0 µV )
50 dB Quieting Sensitvity (Selectivity at 98 MHz, 100 µV): 
Mono :  14,1 dBf (2,8 µV)
Stereo :  36,8 dBf (38 µV)
Frequency Response at 98 MHz, 1 mV:
From 50 Hz to 10 kHz [mono/stereo] :  +0,2 -0,5 dB / +0,2 - 1,5 dB
Distortion at 65 dBf :
100 Hz [mono/stereo] :  - / 0,2%
1 kHz [mono/stereo] :  0,1%/0,2% 
6 kHz [mono/stereo] :  0,3% / 0,4%
Capture Ratio at 65 dBf:  1,3 dB
Image Response ratio:  80 dB
IF Response Ratio:  85 dB
AM Suppression Ratio:  55 dB
Stereo Separation [stereo]:
At 100 Hz :  45 dB
At 1 kHz :  48 dB
At 6 kHz :  42 dB
Subcarrier product Ratio:  60 dB
SCA Rejection:  60 dB
Muting Range:  50 kHz
AM Section
IHF Usable Sensitivity at 1000 kHz, 400 Hz, 3-% mod.:  200 µV/m
Image Ratio at 1000 kHz (external Antenna):  75 dB
IF Rejection at 1000 Hz (external Antenna):  80 dB
Signal-to-Noise Ratio at 1000 Hz, 10 mV, 400 Hz, 30% :   52 dB
Distorsion at 1000 kHz, 10 mV, 400 Hz, 30% mod.:  0,5 %
Output Level at 1000 kHz, 3 V/m, 400 Hz, 30% mod.:  0,15V
Selectivity at 1000 kHz :  32 dB
Power Supply/Consumption:  120 V 5,5 A (CSA rated)/ 500 W (at full powee, 8-Ω)
Dimensions (W x H x D):  490 x 415 x 180 " (19-5/16" x 16-7/32" x  7-3/32")
Weight  [net/gross):  17 kg  (37.4) / 19 kgs  [41,8 )

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