What is stereo?

There are now two system of high fidelity, monophonic (monaural) and stereophonic. Monophonic is a system that starts from one microphone and is fed through a single high fidelity set. Stereophonic is a double system. Two separate microphones are placed at different sides of the orchestra and two different systems are used to keep the two signals or channels separated. Two separate speakers are used, placed on different sides of you room. Stereo is much like 3-D photography, two slightly different sound reach your ears giving you a new dimension in sound.

H.H. Scott '59

Yamaha NS-10M

Whether to select a large or a small speaker should not depend so much on size, but rather on whether the small speaker has accurate sound characteristics and sound quality equal to larger speakers.
The new yamaha NS-10M is one small speaker that can deliver great sounds with the best of the bigger speakers - and as such it has dramatically changed the audio world's thinking about small speaker performance.
The sound: all Yamaha. Clear, smooth treble. Solid bass. Luxurious mid-range. So even though this is our smallest speaker, you get sound quality comparable to large floor type speakers and even studio monitors like our outstanding NS-1000Ms. Impressive. To accomplish this, we built some equally impressive features into the NS-10M - precision soft dome tweeter, left-right symmetrical design, all-wood finish, an efficient 90 dB sealed system.

For all its great sound, the NS-10M measures just 382x215x199 mm (15"x8-1/2"x7-7/8"), making it the perfect speaker for areas where you have to compromise on space but refuse to compromise on sound.
Yamaha NS-10M is the audio world's greatest small accomplishment.

Soft dome tweeter for caressing high
One important reason for the NS-10M's big-speaker sound is the use of a 1-3/8" diameter precision soft dome type tweeter. This offers several advantages. First, the dome shape of the diaphragm maximizes the tweeter's dispersion characteristics. Second, the precise softness of the dome absorbs harmful resonance from the diaphragm to produce a natural tone qiality with negligible distortion.
 The diaphragm is uniformly coated with a resilient heat-hardened resin by a special process to obtain the ideal combination of softness and durability. In addition, the accordian-pleated tangential edges are formed as a part of the diaphragm to prevent volume changes due to adhesives.
For a 2-way speaker, the NS-10M features low distortion throughout its entire wide range, together with high sound accuracy and impressive volume, thanks  to the superior performance of this remrkable soft dome tweeter.

Light, White Cone
The lighter the cone, the better its ability to move in response to delicate signals and thus capture the subtle nuances of every sound. This is particularly  true when a sensitive tonearm And cartridge  is being used.
Here, too, the NS-10M excels. Because the NS-10M's 7" woofer incorporates imported wood processed in a special way for optimum response. The cone is a conical straight type for good movement, and weight a mere 1/8 oz (3,7 grams). Consistent sound quality is further  enhanced by more uniform thickness and density of the cone  material by sheet manufacturing. The white cone's lightweight woofer, then, is the second reason for the NS-10M's impressive sound quality.

Sealed Enclosure - promotes Soid Bass
Yhe third reason for the amazing sound depth of the NS-10M is the genuine sealed type construction. With the sealed type air suspension method, the air acts as a spring to control the cone paper by expanding when the cone paper moves out and contracting when it moves in. This gives greater power to the speakers to produce a bigger sound, and the low sounds can be boosted even further through the speaker's tone control. Further, the mechanical resistance of the edged has been minimized to produce superior linearity, expansion of low sounds, and natural tones.
Sealed type construction - it's the best way to build a small speaker. As one listen to the NS-10M's great bass sound will convince you.

High efficiency and power-handling capacity for Vibrant, Powerful reproduction
The NS-10M owes muchof its powerful reproduction performance to a perfect blend of efficiency and power-handling capacity. You get the most out of any amplifier - large or small.
The performance of amplifiers with smaller power output is enhanced by the NS-10M's 90 dB efficiency level, while 50 watt power-handling capacity means that even amps with fairly large output won't cause any breakup or distortion. The balance is just right to fill even large listening areas with clean, unstrained music.

You can choose your system with confidence - the NS-10M brings out the best in any amplifier, with overwhelming sound depth and richness.

Dynamic Power Distribution
The NS-10M's outstanding power response characteristics are another reason behind its great sound. To achieve the optimum response characteristics. Yamaha not only took line measurements of the frequency and efficiency  at the front of the speaker in an anechoic chamber, but also measured the total energy radiated in alll disrections in a reverberation chamber.
As a result the high-efficiency 90 dB response provides incomparable  listening pleasure for speakers of this size.

Low Distortion Silky-Smooth Response
The precision soft dome tweeter  of teh NS-10M is formed as a single unit with the tangential edge, a combination weighhing just 1/50 oz (0,6 gram). A large ferrite magnet is used to produce a strong magnetic field of 14,000 gauss, which, together with thw 1-3/64" (27 mm ) voice coil incorporating heat-resistant copper-clad aluminum wire and the lightweight bobbin, delivers high-resistance input and high efficiency. The outer pole is provided with air holes to allow air to enter and leave for smooth movement of the diaphragm. As a result, the frequency range is an impressive 1,5 - 20,000 Hz, and distortion is low. The directional characteristics are also superb due to the small diameter of the dome.

Bigger Bass Response from a better Woofer
The NS-10M utilizes a sheet-construction white cone to optimize the piston range and cone movement. The 7" diameter conical straight type cone weight only 1/8 oz. Despite its size, sheet construction density and thickness are uniform, and the cone has a supple body for powerful, massive lows. A large ferrite magnet produces a powerful magnetic circuit of 10,800 gauss. And thanks to the use of a voice coil with heat-resistant copper ribon wires wound edgewise and a lightweight voice coil bobbin,  efficiency and high input resistance are superb. A high compliance rolled edge is adopted to minimize the influence of temperature changes, and features high flexibility for graeter response.

Top design crossover
Yamahas's speaker design technology is drawn on fully to ensure unsurpassed music quality. For instance, the entire circuit is designed to minimize distortion and prevent deterioration of transient as they pass through the network. And MP (metalized paper) condenser and top-quality materials are used in the network to ensure sound that will satisfy even the most demanding audiophile.

Perfectly Balanced Sound Symmetry
The NS-10M is the only speaker of its size with the professional left-right symmetrical design. This is not a gimmick - it's the best way to set up a small speaker system to obtain big-speaker sound. By distinctly separating the left and right channels in the speaker sysetem itself, stereo performance is greatly enhanced, so that even if the speakers are on your bookshelf they deliver concert hall sound quality. This high-quality left-right symmetrical design makes the NS-10M decidedly different from other small speakers.

Super-Solid Construction, Super-Solid Sound
The final reason behind the NS-10M's sound superiority is its solid cabinet construction.
The tonal quality of the speaker is greatly influenced by the material used for the cabinet, its thickness and shape, and its acoustic qualities. And for speakers with sealed construction, like the NS-10M, the cabinet must be airtight. For the NS-10M, a special high-strength adhesive is used at all joints to produce a single cabinet of exceptional rigidity. In addition, filling materials have been selected for their acoustics, based on Yamaha's experience in making musical instruments such as pianos and guitars, to skillfully utilize resonance to obtain the greatest projection. The result - a noticable improvement in sound response, density, and presence compared to other small speakers.

Speaker Type:  2-way bookshelf
Frequency Response:  50 Hz - 20 kHz
Power Handling Capacity:  25 W continuous, 50 W max
Nominal Impedance:  8 ohms
Sound Pressure Level:  90 dB/W/m
Woffer:  180 mm (7")white cone
Tweeter:  35 mm (1-3/8") soft dome
Crossover Frequency:  2 kHz (12 dB/oct)
Cabinet: real wood, black finish
Dimensions (W x H x D) : 382 x 215 x 199 mm (15"x8-1/2"x7-7/8")
Weight:  6 kg (13 lbs 3 oz)

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