What is stereo?

There are now two system of high fidelity, monophonic (monaural) and stereophonic. Monophonic is a system that starts from one microphone and is fed through a single high fidelity set. Stereophonic is a double system. Two separate microphones are placed at different sides of the orchestra and two different systems are used to keep the two signals or channels separated. Two separate speakers are used, placed on different sides of you room. Stereo is much like 3-D photography, two slightly different sound reach your ears giving you a new dimension in sound.

H.H. Scott '59

Acoustic Research AR-925E

Classic Series by Acoustic Research AR-925E
3 way floor type speaker system of the vartical series which inherited the design philosophy of AR-9 and adopted the almost same composition as AR-91. 

The 25cm corn type Woofer is carried in low-pass.  The unit of a 19 mm dome shape is carried in the 38 mm dome shape and the high region in the inside region. 
The same thing as AR-91 is adopted and these units put in the magnetic fruid of the shape of colloid which is tinged with the magnetism of NASA development between the voice coil and the yoke, and they have improved the input-proof while they aim at distorted reduction from a central axis as a structure as for which Bure is not. 
Furthermore, the acoustic blanket which is a special sound-absorbing material was attached to the surroundings of a unit, and sound quality degradation by reflective sound is prevented. 
 A "17AWG sky core coil", a "computer class electrolytic condenser", "input-proof [ unguided quantity ] ceramic resistance", etc. are used for the element of a network part. 

The acoustic suspension system of AR tradition is adopted as the enclosure. 
By this system, air can achieve the duty of a spring by carrying out full sealing of the core, compliance can be enlarged, and it is possible to make low-pass resonance frequency lower. 
Moreover, walnut tone vinyl chloride finishing is given to the exterior. 

System type:   3 ways, 3 speaker acoustic suspension system,  floor-standing
Drive Unit
Woofer: 250 mm cone type
Midrange: 38 mm dome shape
Tweeter: 19 mm dome shape
Frequency Response:   32 Hz - 30 kHz
Low-Pass Frequency:  44 Hz,  -3 dB
System Q:  0,7
Output Sound Pressure Level;  87 dB/W/m
Impedance:  4 ohms (a minimum of 3.2 ohms)
Continuous Max. Input:  125 W
Maximum Input:  200 W
Crossover Frequency:  700 Hz,  7.5 kHz
Level Control
Mid Frequency:  Three-step switching
High Frequency:  Three-step switching
Content Volume:  46,8 l
Dimensions (WxHxD):  356 x 797 x 290 mm
Weight:  21 kg 

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